Jacno-Triangle (1979)

A friend was asking me tonight about the band Rita Mitsouko, a longtime favorite of this blog. And then a few minutes later, I got notice that the one and only Jean Claude Vannier will be hosting a tribute to Serge Gainsbourg at the Hollywood Bowl this August. Gasp! This Hollywood Bowl concert might even surpass seeing Dead Can Dance and Nouvelle Vague a few years ago. As you might’ve noticed, I have a special fondness for all kinds of French music but my tastes these days tend towards French Cold and New Wave. Recently, a friend made me a copy of So Young but So Cold, an excellent compilation of 80s synth-pop and cold wave from France and that’s where I came across this excellent tune by Jacno. I loved his work in Stinky Toys and his collaborations with Elli Medeiros known appropriately as “Elli et Jacno.” Sadly, Jacno died of cancer on November 6, 2009 (excellent tribute here). Coincidentally, almost exactly two years earlier Fred Chichin of Rita Mitsouko also passed away from cancer.

Bonus! Bonus!

Stinky Toys-Birthday Party (1979)

I somehow overlooked featuring this video and song on the blog, which is quite strange because it’s a favorite (cringe, trying not to use THAT word). Stinky Toys are considered to be one of the first punk bands in France.

Chinese chinese birthday party
Give me chinese birthday cake
Chinese chinese birthday party
Give me chinese birthday drink
Getting younger every day
Getting younger getting younger
Younger every day
Gonna be a baby soon!

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