New Music: Beat and Pulse

Austra – Beat and Pulse (extended)

Everyday I fall in love…with music and if you only knew what I desire to do with this song.

Next time someone asks me what kinda music I listen to, I’m gonna answer “beat and pulse” solely based on this song which makes me wish all electronic music paid more attention to creating polyrhythmic layers. Beat and Pulse is an aptly titled musical homage to a previous genre, (hint: remember the days when people were happy but dressed like they were depressed?) the goth 80s. The beat is pure old school cold wave electronica, the pulse relentless and the amazing vocals by Katie Stelmanis are flavored with Siouxsie-like echoes combining to create an overall sinister kind of mood. Is a goth revival coming too? Let’s skip the goth moniker and call it Witch House (sorry, but that stuck). It’s true, I was a goth kid at one point, isn’t it obvious? That’s what happens when you’re a little mocasa Chicana living in Boyle Heights and your kinda-hippie parents move you to the suburban wasteland of Rosemead (sorry, incorporated South San Gabriel). Things happen, or they don’t happen and you’re bored and then you listen to KSPC at night. Then you dye your hair black and start wearing clothes from the thrift store and end up dancing with some flailing arm moves that surprisingly, get you almost voted “Best Dancer” for the eighth-grade yearbook but instead it goes to the more popular girl who likes to freak. Uh, where was I? Yeah, this song is a really good nu-goth, synthwave, darkwave, witchy kinda tune that makes me wanna dance, flailing arms and all.

It seems the best music these days is coming out of cold weather spots, Austra are from Toronto, Canada. The amazing things you can create when you’re stuck indoors.

The cleaner sounding, dirtier version!

New Music: Star Slinger

Star Slinger – Casanova’s Jump Off

Star Slinger
, one of my favorite new DJs from, where else? The UK! Manchester, specifically.

Star Slinger – Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins Rework)

Love the way he takes on Cocteau Twins in this remix from their album “Heaven or Las Vegas.”

Deerhunter – Helicopter(Star Slinger Remix)

Fantastic remix of Deerhunter’s Helicopter!

New Music: I Love You So (Skream remix)

Cassius-I Love You So (Skream remix)

If folks are gonna start dressing like the 90s again, I say we bring back the music with it. If you read this blog about a year ago (ha, I know hardly anyone does) you would’ve remembered I predicted or hoped for a jungle/drum n bass/amen break revival – happy to say it’s here! This little corner of the electronic music world is being called Nu-Jungle or J-Tek (Jungle Tekno) and it’s massive! (to borrow a British term). This track has everything 90s electronic music did well, plus some: diva vocals, anthemic hooks, addictive sing-a-long lyrics and the beautiful 140 rpm Amen Break. I first read this track as “Skream mix which made me feel twenty again.” And seriously, that’s how I felt too. Can’t wait to hear more tunes in this genre.

This remix was released February 14, 2011 on Ed Bangers label.

Cassius – I Love You So
The original’s pretty good too!

Bizarre Inc – Playing With Knives

Now that the music world’s getting all ravey again, you should watch this video for some dance tips. None of that standing in place and bobbing your head crap. I frequent Low End Theory and the suburban kids who make up the majority of the crowd, can be a bit boring with their slight body swaying to the heavy beats and dubstep. It’s time to move people – do it like Utrecht!

New Music: Creep


I never fail to get a kick out of the various random ways new genres of electronic music adapt monikers to describe their little corner of the music world. The New York female duo Creep has been described as “Witch House” and I kinda like it. At one point they called their music “rape gaze.” I guess as a distinction from the passive “shoegaze”? But now have moved away from that term.
I’m not a huge fan of The xx but appreciate Romy Madley Croft’s contribution to this track. Her languid vocals provide a bit more of that moody witchy-ness I’ve come to appreciate in this post-Fever Ray world of ours.
This is Creep’s debut track put out on the Young Turks label.

Hell Interface

Colonel Abrams & Boards of Canada – Trapped (Hell Interface edit)

Boards of Canada make some really amazing music but I was not familiar with their Hell Interface side project. I’m so not like a dude when it comes to music. I know what I know and I sometimes when I’m in the mood, I’ll actively research bands and genres but there’s a lot I miss. And unfortunately, I missed this Boards of Canada experiment with R&B perhaps because these remixes were done way back in the 90s. But I found out about them tonight thanks to my musical compadre Nicholas, and I am a million times happier with life now that these little musical treasures have made their way into my life.

Midnight Star & Boards of Canada – The Midas Touch (Hell Interface remix)

The Rip

Portishead-The Rip (2008)

“The Rip was worth waiting ten years for…” Critic commenting on Portishead’s long awaited third album.
Visuals are from the excellent film The Fountain. Which by the way, has it’s own amazing film score by the brilliant Clint Mansell.

Ancestors appear in the moments between dreams and consciousness.

Broken String

Tek-One – Broken String

Broken strings. Broken wings. Kill your dreams. Dirty, filthy dubstep.

The last time I listened to this I thought there was a draft in my house but it was just the bass pushing the air out from the sub-woofer.