El Llorar con Picardia

Anonimo- Huapangos con picardía- El llorar

I am always on the hunt for versions of El Llorar, my favorite song, the most wonderful song ever created by Mexicans. The perfect synthesis of our musical ethnic heritage: African rhythms, European instrumentation and the heart and soul of our indigenous/Native ancestors vocalized in every note. In this mellow suave version, the vocalist lingers here and there on the notes, making light of the rhythm. But it’s in the falsetto is where he lets loose, every little crack of his voice making me feel as if I’m melting into the floor. Add in the scratchy, heart-string pulling fiddle that makes Son Huasteco my favorite son of Mexico and we have another excellent interpretation of this bittersweet song.

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35 Summers

Plaid – 35 Summers

new album is due out September 23rd and a concert at the El Rey on November 27, 2011 is also scheduled. Finally, something to look forward to in the fall!

Plaid – Missing

Wavy chord flows, harpsichord melodies, synthy vocals, nods to various beautiful musical pieces that came before it and little familiar notes peaking in at the edges make this one of my favorite songs of the summer.

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