who me?

Fourth generation Angelina with roots in Boyle Heights, Echo Park, South San Gabriel and Lincoln Heights.
Everyday life little joys: Spring Street into Lincoln Heights, hawks on lightpoles, the smell of burning wood, letters in the mailbox, cats who greet me hello, being in compas and melancholy melodies.

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3 thoughts on “who me?

  1. Ruben Funkahuatl Guevara says:

    i produced the compilation album you were talking about on a post about the Vex. The album was called Los Angelinos: The Eastside Renaissance, with The Brat, The Plugz, Oddsquad, Con Safos (my band), Mestizo, Felix & the Katz, Thee Royal Gents, Califas, Los Perros del Pueblo. Was released on Zyanya/Rhino Records in 1983.

  2. Jerry says:

    Hey Ruben! I’ve been searching for you. I am a syndicated newspaper columnist who is writing a piece about your three Zyanya/Rhino LPs in ’83. I have all the details except ONE IMPORTANT ONE: Where did you get the name Zyanya (i.e., “always”)? Is it from your own knowledge of Mexican history in the 1500s, or from Gary Jennings’ book, “Aztec”? Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Thanks so much!

  3. Lil'Cholo says:

    Would you happen to have the tracklist for East Side Story Vol. 9 or any other East Side Story originals?



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