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The Pandoras-First EP

The recent talk of post psychedelic music got me thinking, when exactly did my interest in psychedelic inspired music start?
Much credit must be given to Rodney on the Roq, which I would listen to religiously as a kid. Sunday nights were always a bit depressing, as school was the next day. Falling asleep to Rodney, made me momentarily forget the dread of the impending school week by losing myself in the amazing music he’d play.
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Cuanto cuesta?

Vintage soap trays from Craftsman home-$4

A friend and I went yard sailing today. She was looking for materials for an ongoing art project. I’m always up for a good yard sale, it simultaneously satisfies my consumer and voyeuristic vices in one swoop. Visiting the various locations on our list was ripe for an art project in itself, or perhaps an essay on class, consumption and the real use value of objects.

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Winner: Contest #1


It was very difficult to decide and I’d send you all a copy of the book if I could, but the winner of the 150 Ways to Tell If You’re Ghetto goes to this winning entry:

You know you’re ghetto if…You save the broken tooth fillings that have fallen out for your new cavities.

It was tie between Matt and Shawn and ultimately, I had to choose by a name draw. Shawn will receive a small prize too (I tell you, I have tons of things to giveaway!)

Shawn’s (almost) winning entry:

You Know you’re ghetto if… You bring tupperware along whenever you’re invited to someplace with food…just in case.

Thanks to everyone for participating! More contests coming soon.

Contest #1


I love giveaways and prizes, so decided I’d start a small series of contests on this here blog. I have a mountainful of prizes and it’s better that you my dear readers (all 4 of you) receive them than the wasteful Goodwill.

In light of the controversy surrounding Hot Ghetto Mess, I thought an appropriate prize for this week’s contest would be the fabulous book 150 Ways to Tell If You’re Ghetto from the Wayans Bros . Whoever comes up with the best “you know you’re ghetto if…” line will win the book! 

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Xitomatl “plump thing with a navel”


It’s difficult to articulate the amount of joy and satisfaction I get from growing my own vegetables. I think though, this photo of today’s tomato harvest explains it all.

If I ever acquired the power to enforce edicts and decrees, my first would be that all people living in Southern California would be required to grow tomato plants and avocado trees, which would be shared freely by all, naturally.

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