El Bicho

El Bicho – Letras

It’s been awhile since I’ve heard a Flamenco song that’s captured my attention in any sort of passionate way. Perhaps, I’ve just lacked passion for Flamenco in general these past few months but this song by El Bicho stirred the lingering Gitano embers into a pleasing buleria bliss.

Mancho las hojas con letras sin sentío
letras de lástima y pena, letras de olvido
letras que cambian el blanco y hasta el color d las letras
letras de pena que yo he perdío.

En el tiempo busco los días
desde la luz poder ver tu camino
y es tan difícil encontrar la soledad
yo voy a estar solo, solo contigo.

Tengo la mañana
y oscura y como la noche
cuando despierta mi soleá
cuando, cuando amanece y tú no estás
que no, que…

Se murieron de pena tus penas
que se murieron y no fuiste a llorar
que se mueran de pena tus penas
que se mueran yo no lo voy a llorar.

Porque tengo la mañana
y oscura, y oscura como la noche
cuando despierta mi soledad
y cuando, cuando amanece y tú no estás
que no, que no…

Infamous Toughies

Dawson – Infamous Toughies, Infinite Toffees

I’m not crouched in the corner
I’m not cowering in the corner
I wont apologise
Because I think you’re wrong

I’ve come so far
I’ve learnt so much
Surrounded by static
A huge hand on my back

I used to correspond with the lead singer of this band. His letters were quiet with an undercurrent of sadness. When I went to Glasgow and asked if we could meet, he declined. The grayness of Glasgow, the alcohol that poured freely from every which way, the dampness…I’d discovered the source of his moroseness.
Dawson is the only band to ever thank me in their album credits and this for artwork that was not even mine but that I had merely passed on.