Hello 2019!

Frightened by rocktrolls and the passing of time

Has it really been 3 years since I last wrote a post? Time passes more quickly as one ages and science finally agrees with me.

I’m glad to some of the posts here continue to be relevant and resonant with Google searchers. In particular, posts on Mexican nicknames and Kurdish dancing are still being found which brings this old blogger heart of mine a bit of joy.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment, ask questions or make suggestions.

The Secret Cave of Lincoln Heights

[From the archives]

Awhile ago a reader asked me if I found the hidden cave of Flat Top Hill. I heard the stories from many long-time residents near Griffin Ave about this cave, that had been covered up to discourage children from playing in it. I used to live on Griffin Ave and the hilltop was my backyard. I spent lots of time exploring the hill but never quite found the location of the cave.

Recently, I asked Don Quixote, my blog compadre on LA Eastside if he could explain where the cave might be. Here it is for those of you still on the quest. Please let me know if you are able to locate it. I still have not.

If you stand on Griffin Ave just past the last parking lot at Arroyo Seco Playground and look up the hill towards the Debs Park Pond (which wasn’t there years ago), between the old sanitarium bldgs, you’ll be able to see the green vegetation that comes down the hill from the old springs. I think there is a storm drain culvert under Griffin Ave that directs water from the hill into the Arroyo Seco River. At the bottom of the hill near the parking lot there is a bunch of Sycamore Trees that I think were fed by those springs. I remember how good those Sycamore trees smelled in the summer, especially at sundown.
And as for the cave above Griffin Ave below “Flattop”, if you look for the house on Griffin Ave with the wide driveway and the u shaped buildings at the rear, (I think there are two large Jacaranda trees in front), what you are seeing is what used to be the old “Indian Head Water Co.”. Above this bldg you will notice a lot of thick vegetation, we used to call it “the Baby Jungle”. At the top of the Baby Jungle can see a rocky discolored area, bare rock and granite as opposed to the grass and weeds around it. I can see this scarred area from the Pasadena Frwy when I pass. This is the entrance to the old cave, but it was collapsed or filled in many years ago. Inside the cave, which goes back towards flat top quite a long ways, it was very damp, dripping water, and a kind of moss or roots hung down from the roof of the cave. Someone once told me that this cave was used during prohibition to stash liquor by organized crime people, I can’t verify if this is true.

Just yesterday I was out on a walk and noticed what looked like a dark spot on a rock in the hill. I wondered if this was some kinda mini-cave that’s been uncovered. I would like to go investigate but I rarely walk those hills anymore.

Naissance d’un soleil

Naissance d’un soleil – Arthur H

Music for a Monday morning.
More on Arthr H. here.

Ton regard est attiré Par terre, dans la poussière. Tu te penches et tu vois Un soleil blessé. En douce tu le ramasses Et le portes à ta bouche. Sans brûlures tu l’embrasses Et soudain, tu l’avales. Le soleil pleure Des larmes de plaisir. Le soleil nous éclabousse Du sang de pamplemousse… Au creux de mon oreille, La gorge sèche, Tu chantes la naissance D’un amour moderne. Tu allumes sous la voute Une nouvelle étoile. Est-ce que ça te plaît, D’éclairer l’univers ? Le soleil pleure Des larmes de plaisir. Le soleil nous éclabousse Du sang de pamplemousse… Tu marches dans la ville, Et personne ne sait Que ton ventre est le domicile D’un jeune soleil. Ses rayons cachés Éblouissent souvent De l’or, mille flammes Ton rire, tes yeux. Le soleil pleure Des larmes de plaisir. Le soleil nous éclabousse Du sang de pamplemousse… Le soleil pleure Des larmes de plaisir. Le soleil nous éclabousse Du sang de pamplemousse…

Here come the judge

Pressure drop – Sounds of time (1997)

“Pressure Drop was born in 1990 in London, formed by The Blood Brothers, a DJ duo. In ’97, during the trip hop apogee, They released a superb under-rated record: Elusive (even if it was released under Leftfield’s label, Hard Hands). It contains some great introspective shy-string dub downtempo songs. Sounds Of Time has a wonderful melancholic soul spoken vocal. Elusive doesn’t sound old fashion compared to many of this time chart hiters (the boring Portishead & Morcheeba), this probably one of the only band which can be compared to Massive Attack without sounding weak!” >>>more here.

Don’t Wake Me Up

Dream Koala – Ocean (2013)

“Yndi Ferreira, the nineteen-year-old electronic artist behind Dream Koala, sings in a delicate falsetto that slowly builds in urgency as he adds layers of electronic samples to more traditional instrumental elements—the effect is akin to having strange words whispered into your ear as you experience an epic 3-D soundscape. Born to Brazilian parents and raised in Paris, Ferrerira is in the U.S. for the first time this week playing shows for CMJ. Here, we debut the video for his new single “Odyssey” and ask him a few questions about the song and his burgeoning career.” >>>more here.


Fyfe – Solace

Some new music, finally. This voice!
From Wikipedia “Paul Dixon (born in London,[1] 8 August 1989[2]) is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist. He was known in the years 2010–2012 as David’s Lyre, but is now using the musical project name Fyfe.”

Song of the week: I hate I walked away

Syl Johnson – I Hate I Walked Away

There’s so much great new music to listen to and even more exceptional are all the recorded song of the 20th century that have been overlooked and forgotten. I’m often astounded by the popularity of classic rock. The same 30 or so songs played over and over again for the past 40 years. Don’t folks crave something different? How can the music move you when you’ve heard it endless times, year after year after year, all day and everywhere? I don’t understand.

This is one of those songs that should be popular. I only just heard it tonight but it’s been around longer than I’ve been alive.