Style Influences

My style influences: a little Romani, a little Bollywood, lots of Flamenco and a dash of chola!

Chunari Chunari

The Queen of the Gypsies: Rada

La Familia Montoya de Sevilla

Tangos from the movie, Flamenco

Hello Stranger

Lean Like A Chola

Chola Bracelets, ex. 1

Chola Bracelets, ex. 1-from Teen Angeles Magazine

I recently checked my blog stats and was surprised to discover “chola bracelets” was one of the top search queries leading to this site. I myself have had difficulty finding graphics, photos or any info whatsoever having to do with the once ubiquitous black rubber bracelets. So I’ve decided to placate the Google gods with these images in order to aid those looking for graphic samples of this not quite forgotten 70s chola fashion accessory. Example number one, above.

Chola Bracelets


Since I was 10, I’ve been looking for chola bracelets, you know those black rubber ones that were the ultimate chola (and punk rock) fashion accessory in the 70s and 80s? Well, imagine my surprise when I spotted a colorful pack of them at Target being sold as some kind of Halloween costume. Where’s the scary chola costume to go with it?
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Gwen Stefani “borrowed” the look for many years.
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