Best Songs of 2011


I’d like to include some kind of literary musical tribute to the past year but my writing skills are out of practice and I’m afraid my words would make no one happy, so it’s just the music folks!

Some of my favorite songs this year were released in previous years and time willing, I’ll post those up sometime in the next few days.

For now, take a listen and let me know if any of these were you favorites and please, tell me which songs I missed.

Cheers and Happy 2012!

2011: “Where the concrete meets the river”

Austra – Beat and Pulse (extended)
The beat is pure old school cold wave electronica, the pulse relentless and the amazing vocals by Katie Stelmanis are flavored with Siouxsie-like echoes combining to create an overall sinister kind of mood.

Brenmar – Done (Don’t Luve Me No More)
A last minute addition, awesome track. First heard from one of my favorite music curators/DJs/Record producers, Disaro. Their label is putting out some amazing music.

Burial – Halo
What can you say about Burial? He’s amazing, just listen.

Cassius-I Love You So (Skream remix)
Nu-Jungle or J-Tek (Jungle Tekno) and it’s massive! (to borrow a British term). This track has everything 90s electronic music did well, plus some: diva vocals, anthemic hooks, addictive sing-a-long lyrics and the beautiful 140 rpm Amen Break.

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Girls At Our Best

Girls At Our Best – Warm Girls (1980)

Despite this tune being from 1980, there is something so fresh and fine sounding to the ears about this song. It could be the production quality of the song, for a post-punk band from the 80s, the engineering is really quite good. The guitars are crisp and heavy, the bass just slides right along with it, creating a perfect rockin’ balance. It’s apparent how influential this early 80s post-punk sound is on current punky musicians.
I sometimes think I’ve heard everything, that there is little music from the 80s that I missed but discoveries like this will keep me searching for more.

The Girls At Our Best album has just been re-released. Link here.

Girls At Our Best – Politics!(1980)