Favorite Video of the Week: Boards of Canada

Music is Math-Boards of Canada

There was a very brief time, a few years ago, when I felt overwhelmed by sadness and despair. Rather than try and make myself feel ‘better’ I decided to go with the flow and wallow in it. Surprisingly, wallowing in despair is much more enjoyable than faking happiness or denying such overwhelming feelings. In any case, I feel it is part of my tradition and my cultural right as a woman of Mexican descent to experience emotions in a very obvious way. Those telenovelas characters weren’t created from scratch, right? The perfect accompaniment to this bit of self indulgent dramatics was a weekend listening to Boards of Canada’s album Geogaddi while reading Chris Ware’s visually beautiful but tragic story of loneliness and alienation, Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid on Earth. Something about the combination of this music and story was just the right salve for a sadness like mine.