YouTube Party Collection © #3

I have it on good authority (is there such a thing?) that when in doubt, people refer to this blog for the latest dance moves. In light of this important responsibility, I’m happy to introduce two new videos for the YouTube Dance Party Collection. First up, is a karaoke version of one of the most entertaining Bollywood numbers I’ve seen in awhile, a very catchy tune: “Benny Lava.” (This video might even be better!)
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Halloween is never over


OK, I know Halloween is gone and passed but if they can start Christmas early, I can make Halloween go longer! Here’s a photo of one of our Halloween yard scenes from a few years ago.
In the next few days, I’ll post more thoughts on my trip to Mexico along with photos and videos.

Dia de Muertos y Halloween

A short post from Oaxaca:

For many years we have attempted to combine the spirit of both Dia de Muertos and Halloween in the way we´ve decorated, in our parties that featured jack o´lanterns and ofrendas, in the way we´ve recreated panteones between the stuffed monsters in our front yard. Its a method of navigating a life between cultures but more than that, of creating our own culture based on the world around us. To me this is what it means to be Chicana.
So to my surprise, I´ve found the same process existing here in Mexico. Halloween is huge here, bigger than in the US and the costumes much more original and entertaining. There are no little princesses and sexy nurses here! The streets are filled little lloranas, bloody mummies, werewolves, viudas negras, brujitas and vampiros, marching and dancing to tamborazos on streets filled with cempasuchil, amaranta and copal. It´s an amazing mix of traditions that seem to blend in seamlessly.
Take that purists!

Halloween song from DF:
Somos las calaveritas
Venimos por los dulces
Si no nos dan los dulces
Los vamos a espantar!

More when I get back…