Latin Playboy


I’ve driven down Cesar Chavez/Brooklyn Ave in East LA hundreds of times and always pause to take a look at this old bar. Something about the place intrigues me. Every year another letter falls.

As if!


Photo by A-LA Indymedia

Chief Bratton is now trying to shift blame from his department to a group of what he claims are “50-100 outside agitators.” According to Bratton, these “highly organized” agitators show up to marches in order to confront police. He claims they always have a woman in front, a line of agitators behind them and a line of cameras behind the agitators. What a load of crap! Channel 7 has begun to refer to this “highly organized group of trouble makers” as “Anarchists” claiming “this is the same group of people in Seattle and at the DNC. ” It doesn’t help that the organizers of the marches including CARACEN and CHIRLA are also fingering “Anarchists.” For now, Bratton has seemed to find a group he can lay the blame on. Expect this story to grow more fantastic and outrageous everyday as the LAPD tries to shift the blame.

update: May 5, 2007

LA Times decides to investigate the role of Anarchists in the Mayday marches.

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