Electro-psych, dream pop, shoe gazing, post psychedelia

The Pandoras-First EP

The recent talk of post psychedelic music got me thinking, when exactly did my interest in psychedelic inspired music start?
Much credit must be given to Rodney on the Roq, which I would listen to religiously as a kid. Sunday nights were always a bit depressing, as school was the next day. Falling asleep to Rodney, made me momentarily forget the dread of the impending school week by losing myself in the amazing music he’d play.

The Pandoras-Your Way Out

It was on his show that I first heard The Pandoras. I was entranced by their gritty, 60s garage style referred to at the time as Paisley Underground. I found the above 45 on one of my weekend trips to Hollywood record stores with my dad. It’s one of the jewels of my record collection (go ahead and say it, I’m a nerd…)

Note the fan mail address in Chino!

Another band in the same genre was The Three O’Clock. The singer was Latino and boyishly cute to my preteen eyes, which partially contributed to my initial infatuation with the band. Here’s a clip of them playing on a local Los Angeles afterschool music show called MV3, the “New Wave American Bandstand.” I’d always wished I’d been old enough to dance on that show.

The Three O’Clock-Cantaloupe Girlfriend

The Stone Roses-Fool’s Gold

Fast forward 10 years and a whole new crop of post psychedelia inspired music emerges with the burgeoning rave scene.
Some of my all-time favorite songs of this era are Charlatans “The Only One I Know” followed by The Stone Roses “Fools Gold” and Lush “Deluxe.”

The Stone Roses-Fools Gold

From my perspective, these songs are all sort of connected, along with the current crop of electro-psych like Caribou. Okay, perhaps the links are stretched a bit, that’s very likely and I’m sure there’s tons of other music of this genre I haven’t heard or gotten into. Whatever the case, I must admit, my love of post psychedelic music can no longer be denied.

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