New Music: I Love You So (Skream remix)

Cassius-I Love You So (Skream remix)

If folks are gonna start dressing like the 90s again, I say we bring back the music with it. If you read this blog about a year ago (ha, I know hardly anyone does) you would’ve remembered I predicted or hoped for a jungle/drum n bass/amen break revival – happy to say it’s here! This little corner of the electronic music world is being called Nu-Jungle or J-Tek (Jungle Tekno) and it’s massive! (to borrow a British term). This track has everything 90s electronic music did well, plus some: diva vocals, anthemic hooks, addictive sing-a-long lyrics and the beautiful 140 rpm Amen Break. I first read this track as “Skream mix which made me feel twenty again.” And seriously, that’s how I felt too. Can’t wait to hear more tunes in this genre.

This remix was released February 14, 2011 on Ed Bangers label.

Cassius – I Love You So
The original’s pretty good too!

Bizarre Inc – Playing With Knives

Now that the music world’s getting all ravey again, you should watch this video for some dance tips. None of that standing in place and bobbing your head crap. I frequent Low End Theory and the suburban kids who make up the majority of the crowd, can be a bit boring with their slight body swaying to the heavy beats and dubstep. It’s time to move people – do it like Utrecht!

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