Favorite Video of the Week: Les Rita Mitsouko

C’est Comme Ca-Les Rita Mitsouko

I first came across this video on the Tam Tam Books myspace page. I was intrigued, was this video recent? The music sounded a bit retro but I couldn’t tell. In any case, I’m a sucker for thespian chimps. Equally compelling is the awkward style of dancing by the singer, Catherine Ringer, a herky jerky, stiffed backed series of rhythmic lurches. I did a bit more investigating and found out the video was from 1987. Imagine that? A full 20 years later and the Emo kids are still rocking Catherine Ringer’s look.

Despite the name, this is a very French band and extremely popular in their home country. After a few listens of their ‘Best of’ album, I can officially say, I’m a fan. I’m amazed how their 80s tunes still sound fresh. Very ahead of their time in fashion and music.

One of my favorite songs on their best of album is ‘Marcia Baila’. It was a huge hit in France in the mid-80s. When I first heard it, I immediately recognized it from the music storage bin of my brain. I loved the song when I was a kid but the name of the artist was unknown to me until now. What a fantastic discovery! The video for Marcia Baila is quite entertaining and even includes some faux Flamenco dancing.

Marcia Baila-Les Rita Mitsouko

What draws me most into their music is Catherine Ringer’s voice. She has a rawness and authenticity in her singing rarely heard in most over produced recordings these days. Her emotive style is most prominent on the hyper Chanson-ish ‘Les Amants’.

For a great bio of the band, check out this French site.

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