Rainbow Brite

Fairfax High School, 1980s

I’ve been scanning in old photos and decided to post the more amusing ones here.
This one’s a picture of my punk friends and I in high school. We tried our hardest to be anti-social and chose this remote spot of the school to sit at during lunch. We wanted far away from the crowds of students and from the other, mostly male punks that were misogynist enough to get on our nerves. We were an ethnically diverse bunch: Portuguese, Jewish, Cuban, Colombian-Irish, Finnish-Jewish, Chicano and Mexican.

9 thoughts on “Rainbow Brite

  1. Marshall says:

    When I was like 4-8 years old I used to be in Fairfax every weekend with my parents, and I would look at the punks sitting around Oki Dog, or near the high school, and I would beg to get my hair cut like theirs. My super leatherman punk hairdresser would have done it too, if it weren’t for my pesky parents.

    It’s a shame no one’s rocking that Bowie-esque spiky red hair anymore, too.

  2. Chimatli says:

    Rheim, ah, thanks! ūüôā
    Sabrina, I think I saw your dad in Los Angeles Magazine!
    Marshall, I tried to get one of the Jewish barbers on Fairfax to give me a mohawk, he refused at first and but after some coaxing he finally gave in, shaking his head the whole time.
    Chuck, my favorite memory of the Basque Country: a bunch of punks returning from a show singing “punkis no muerto!” and making fake little mohawks with their hands on their head.

  3. Travis says:

    What a great shot! That makes me think I should rock some of my 80s photos on my blog too. 3000 miles away (DC ) but pretty darned similar nonetheless.

  4. Deus Ebrius says:

    Haha, you guys look good. Unfortunately, the Fairfax punk scene is more dead than george washington, from what I’ve seen. Except for that one squat about ten minutes from the school. Anyway, if you’re at all curious, they haven’t fixed that damn fence or track at all. And of course, nearly every current student comes from a (quite) wealthy family. Times change… too bad really. Oh, and sept. 15 is my birthday, but who cares.

  5. Vanessa Carolina says:

    Oh God,It’s very amazing. I loved this picture. Ohhh I really wanted to have studied at Fairfax High School in 80’s. What about the stories? Can you tell me one,pleaaaaase?

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