Favorite Video of the Week: Marian

The Sisters Of Mercy – Marian

In a sea of faces, in a sea of doubt
In this cruel place your voice above the maelstrom
In the wake of this ship of fools I’m falling further down
If you can see me, Marian, reach out and take me home…..

A soundtrack for the dark days of winter.

Nouvelle Vague – Marian

Slightly more upbeat but still melancholy.

3 thoughts on “Favorite Video of the Week: Marian

  1. thesecretlivesofcats says:

    I think it’s the droney and omnipresent string arrangement that keeps the Nouvelle version dark. All the early Sisters work is hot metal and methedrine amazing…I never fully appreciated them in their time. I guess they kind of wore out their welcome when “More” was in high rotation. What is their other big song with a girl’s name?

  2. Chimatli says:

    T.S.L.C. Can I outsource my blog posts to you? Cause you always write what I wish I could.

    But yeah, I wasn’t a fan of Sister of Mercy really ever. In fact, I only really like this song. Okay and maybe “Lucretia, My Reflection.” Their “hit” was Temple of Love, right? Dominion isn’t too bad. I dunno there’s a bunch of bands it’s taken me twenty years to like. Revelation: maybe I actually like Sisters of Mercy.

    Okay, so what ever happened to The Cult? ūüėČ

    Oh yeah, Temple of Love was used excellently in the German film, Head-On (Gegen die Wand).

  3. thesecretlivesofcats says:

    …I know they fit into that “dull boys,” “MTV alternative,” and “bitchin’ tape collection,” category that is shared with the Cult. That’s how we know them. But I have an old comp with decent DIY punk bands like the Mekons and the Newtown Neurotics. Amidst that lo-fi splendor are 2 early tracks by the Sisters and, though not one bit more hi-fi, I just sat back and thought, “Wow, what dark fury conjured this sexy Gollum?”


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