Favorite Video of the Week: Amarain

Amarain by Amr Diab

I racked my brain for days and days to identify the song on the previous video of the week’s sample. I knew it so well, like so many other Egyptian pop songs but with the exception of Ehab Tawfik, I am horrible at remembering the artists’ names. Well, I finally found the title, artist and now this video! I am easily placated and excited by such small discoveries.

A little background on this song…If it isn’t initially obvious, this tune tries to incorporate elements of Flamenco style into the arrangement. This is also reflected in the video, the dancing has Flamenco inspired hand movements and some of the dancers wear polka dots, etc. Around the time this song was popular, almost ten years ago, there was a pervasive trend of Flamenco-ish sounds into Arabic pop, most notably Spanish guitars and palmas (hand claps). I read an article once where a traditional Arab musician bemoaned the Flamenco scourge that was ruining the sound of the music. I found the statement very amusing because as a Flamenco aficionado, I am more accustomed to reading how Flamenco is being ruined by outside musical influences. Despite some unfortunate results, there is no stopping the merging, meshing and sometimes clashing of music and culture…and I am happy for it!

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