Favorite Video of the Week: The Embassy

You Tend To Forget-The Embassy

*The video featuring clips from The Day of the Locust has been taken down, boo! But you can see the exciting climax here.*

I’m not quite sure what’s going on in this video. Is it some kinda of Arturo Bandini fantasy of burning down Los Angeles? Is it a comment on the spectacle of Hollywood and the world of simulacrum? Are the frantic car shakers the 1920s predecessors to out of control Laker fans? Could those white-faced phantoms be the mindless consumers of vapid culture? The breathy moans that punctuate the song remind me of Jane Birkin, might it be her voice? And what’s that sample towards the end? It’s a well-known* Egyptian pop song, what in the world? Hmmmm…
Ah, I see it’s scenes taken from the movie The Day of the Locust and I’m not the only one who is asking questions about it.

The Embassy website. They are Scandinavian, it seems most of the pop music I tend to like these days is from this area of the world.
*I know the song but I could not locate the title and artist name for you all.

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