Favorite Song of the Day: The Girl and the Robot

Röyksopp feat Robyn – The Girl and The Robot Listen, don’t watch

I’m not gonna promise you all that I can keep up a song a day. I feel like this blog deserves more respect than the kinda text I put up daily on my Facebook updates.
For instance, this song from the new Royksopp album, Junior featuring the fabulous Robyn was accompanied by the following on my Facebook page: “I love Robyn! I love Royksopp! I wanna have party just so I can dance to this song!” C’mon! You think I’m gonna embarrass myself like that here? Pfft.

I go mental every time you leave for work
You never seem to know when to stop
I never know when you’ll return
I’m in love with a robot

In the night, call you up and
Wanna know when you’re coming home
Don’t deny me, call me back
I’m so alone

In the night, wait up for you
Even though you don’t want me to
Go to bed, leave the lights on
What’s the use

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