La Puente Ranch

My great-grandmother Matilde, her sister Trini, my great-great grandmother (and Yaqui descendant) Matilde Moreno Vizcarra, known in my family as “Nana Grande.” Photograph taken on my great-grandmother’s ranch in La Puente. (click to enlarge)

They bought the ranch after World War Two ended as a relaxing country location for my great uncle Hector who had just finished serving a harrowing stint in the Navy, part of the Pacific fleet. Unfortunately, the property was located much too near some railroad tracks and the nighttime rumbling of the trains terrified my uncle – it sounded much too similar to the war noises he thought he’d left behind. He quickly scrambled back to the original family compound in Echo Park. My great-grandmother lived in La Puente the rest of her life.

3 thoughts on “La Puente Ranch

  1. Chimatli says:

    I think the photo must’ve been taken in the early 1950s or late 1940s. I imagine La Puente looks very different nowadays.

  2. cindylu says:

    Whatever happened to that ranch? Do you know where it was? That’s just over the tracks, which if they’re the same ones never really bugged me. I’m used to those tracks.

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