Latina singers

This past week I found out some interesting facts regarding Mexicana/Latina singers I was previously unaware of:

1. The ever popular Mexicana singer Ana Gabriel is of Mexican, Chinese and Japanese descent. I didn’t always appreciate her gritty style of singing but compared to the current crop of pop singers, her vocals are most welcome.

2. Selena would have lived if she had a blood transfusion, a practice banned by her Jehovah’s Witness faith. I had never heard this story before but thanks to Cindylu, I am now acquainted with this most important bit of music history/trivia!

3. Homegirl Sara re-introduced me to a fine bit of music this weekend. According to her and others, Amanda Miguel was considered a feminist for singing this angry song which translates into: He Lied to Me. Damn, she has a fierce style too!

El Me Mintio by Amanda Miguel She’s Argentinean! I’m so wrong these days.

Maybe all of these facts are common knowledge but I never paid much attention. Much of this music was in the background of my life, familiar but unrecognized. I feel like it’s time I gave it some respect.

4 thoughts on “Latina singers

  1. cindylu says:

    I got curious about the Selena thing and looked it up. According to the Houston Chronicle, she was dead on arrival at the hospital. The doctors restarted her heart and did give her a blood transfusion, but it didn’t help. There is a report that her father found out about this and was upset saying, “no! she wouldn’t want that.”

  2. Chuy90023 says:

    another fun fact about amanda miguel: she lives (with her manager, the one who lied to her) in los feliz, two houses down from my friend adrian!

  3. Chimatli says:

    Hey Chuy! That’s awesome! I’ll be scouting the streets for Amanda Miguel and her lying partner.

  4. Chimatli says:

    Thanks Cindy for the follow-up. It was such a good rumor but I guess it’s kinda true, in a way…

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