Favorite Video of the Week: Naci en el Alamo

Remedios Silva Pisa-Naci en el Alamo. Extended interview in French with filmmaker Tony Gatliff following video.

Like many, I first became acquainted to this song through the movie Vengo. It plays a pivotal role in one of the scenes and the songs perfectly echoes the heartache and loss that permeates this film. After the movie was released, many folks became obsessed with finding out more information about the singer Remedios Silva Pisa. Unfortunately, not much was available except for the rumor she recorded this song at age 16. I’ve recently tried to do a bit more research on her but have had little luck beyond what others have uncovered.

I did discover the song is originally a Greek Romani song called O balamos , balamos and was originally sung in the Greek Gypsy dialect. The title of the song eventually became known as, “To tragoudi ton gyfton,” The song of the Gypsies.

Giorgos Katsaris – To tragoudi twn gyftwn(mpalamo)

Some claim the song was composed in 1992 by Dionysis Tsaknis and performed by many famous Greek singers such George Dalaras , Paschalis Terzis, Eleni Vitali , Manolis Lidakis and the composer himself. Others say the song was originally released by an unknown singer called Yorgos Katsaris.

Yasmin Levy-Naci en el Alamo

Another popular version is by the Sephardic singer, Yasmin Levy. Yasmin’s father was Itzhak Levi, director of the Judeo-Spanish program at Kol Israel (Israel National Radio) for many years. She is well-known for her bridge building work between Jews and Arabs.

Ο Mπαλαμός – Eλένη Βιτάλη/Haig Yazdjian

Another beautiful Greek version.

No tengo lugar
Y no tengo paisaje
Yo menos tengo patria

Con mis dedos hago el fuego
Con mi corazon te canto
Las cuerdas de mi corazon lloran

Naci en alamo
Naci en alamo
No tengo lugar
Y no tengo paisaje
Yo menos tengo patria

Ay cuando canta(n), con tus dolores nuestras mujeres te hechizan

*Everywhere the title is “Naci en Alamo” but alamo could be the Gitano pronunciation of “Naci en el amor.”

3 thoughts on “Favorite Video of the Week: Naci en el Alamo

  1. tugba says:

    Hi there,

    Have u ever listen Naci en Alamo song
    from Remedios Silva Pisa?
    I think that is the best version of song.

    Thanks for the greek version

  2. zarathoustra says:

    in the last version , it’s à arabe version not greek, i can inderstand arabic….
    i prefer vengo version…

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