Favorite Video of the Week: Explorations in Dance

My life is measured by dance parties, they are the occasions that define my time here on this planet. Such festivities sustain me through long work weeks and bureaucratic appointments. This weekend I played DJ for an impromptu gathering of people ready to bust some moves. We went from flamenco, to vallenato, to Bulgarian chalga and some banda and nortenos thrown in for good measure. The following videos are ones I’ll be watching to prepare myself for future dancing adventures.

Bulgarian gypsy – Sevgilim Apaz taifa – Mis Dibi

Luckily, one of my good friends has spent time enough time in the Balkans to have learned a few of these moves and share them with us. The rhythm in Bulgarian music is notoriously difficult to follow, add the Romani touch and man, I’m gonna need a lot of practice!

Asi se baila en Sonora Getting down in Sonora!

Is this a quebradita derived dance style? A little but not totally, right? In any case, I’d love to have his style. The girl, well I think she’s there to look pretty. The song is called “La Gorda Desgraciada” by Don Manuel Rodrigo “El Yaqui” and is a type of Huapango.

Danza La Puya Vallenata

While I prefer clips of regular folks dancing, this video of a choreographed vallenato music and dance performance is amazing. Quite a bit to take in here.

La Noemi de las 3000 con la mari por Bulerias
La Noemi with the wonderful El Bobote playing palmas.

This clip proves you can never start learning too young especially with Flamenco!

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  1. Chimatli says:

    If you’re interested in Flamenco, I actually do a blog devoted to Flamenco and other Romani music if you’re interested:

    There’s some repeating of clips for now but I also post info on movie nights and lectures that I occasionally host.

    Thanks as always for stopping by!

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