Favorite Video of the Week: Twisted Charm

Boring Lifestyle-Twisted Charm

It’s nice to hear a band like Twisted Charm again. Fun music with a bit of a message. This new-ish song is rooted in the early 80s punk pop vein with saxophones reminiscent of X-Ray Spex (the band is a big fan of Sparks, surprise, suprise!). It’s a kinda modern day version of The Specials Too Much, Too Young. The tune fits in perfectly with my mood lately and reflects my lamentable attempts at staving off the predictability of everyday life. Advice sage says: More drunken dinner parties and intense readings of radical literature are the cure!

2 thoughts on “Favorite Video of the Week: Twisted Charm

  1. human says:

    i like that advice sage. mine usually tells me, “stop getting so drunk and no one cares about your stupid books!” of course, i’m usually reading hunter s thompson and trying unsuccessfully to master his drug-induced lucidity.

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