Eardrum Buzz


I’ve been doing lots of new year’s cleaning and came across a bit of audio history, the three inch CD. I think they were used primarily for singles, not sure. I still have an older CD player that has the disc holder to play these little CDs. Sadly, most newer players don’t – but I think computer disc players still come equipped with the smaller tray slot. Now if I could only find the Husker Du three inch CD I misplaced many years ago…

Wire has always been a favorite band from 12XU to Ex-Lion Tamer to Eardrum Buzz, they continue to put out fine music.

2 thoughts on “Eardrum Buzz

  1. thesecretlivesofcats says:

    Is it “Madonna of the Wasps?” I have something that has robyn singing roxy music’s “more than this.” I think itz that single but not 3″ But I collected this format. I have a shoebox full of them.

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