Best of 2010: Music

Like this list really matters, right? I have maybe five or six readers of this blog? And if you’re like some of my friends (good friends, I tell you, lifelong friends…) you might tell me “You think I have the time or patience to watch all those videos you post?”

I spend hours away from things like the television, telephone, books, the growing pile of needless, accumulated objects that seem to gravitate to the household in unexpected ways, I ignore these things, so that I might spend my time listening for new and fresh music. I do this for myself but also to fulfill my lifelong goal of anarchist mutual aid, and also because a good friend of mine taught me the beauty of generosity and the satisfaction of potlatch something I’ve tried to expand into all different areas of life.

So that’s kinda how I think of this blog, as a potlatch of music and other assorted interests. If it’s not reciprocated, recognized or acknowledged, I’ll keep doing it because somewhere among this big jumbled mess of Youtube videos, there might be something you’ve never heard before or something you heard once and forgot or something you’d like to hear again. Thanks to all who have shared their music and interests with me!

::::FAVORITES OF 2010::::

Best New Songs

Primary 1 feat. Nina Persson – The Blues
original post here.

Mock & Toof with Pollyester – Farewell To Wendo
original post here.

Best Global Dance

Arabella, Dance Queen of the Mahala
original post here.

original post here.

Best Album

Deerhunter – Halycon Digest

Deerhunter – Revival

Deerhunter – Desire Lines

Favorite Posts

The Secret Disco posts were so much fun to do but required lots of research and editing, two tasks that used up lots of non-job time, the kinda time I prefer to use to socialize and be with other people. I have priorities. Perhaps I will finish the series, perhaps not.

Pigbag-Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag
“Papa’s Got a New Pigbag was one of the most awesome experimental post-punk, funk, dance-floor hit songs of the early 80s.” From the post: Secret Disco: Y Records

New Order – Confusion

“Here it is, The Funhouse danceclub, a small moment of disco/freestyle history captured in an obscure New Order video. There are glimpses of Jellybean in his clownface DJ booth and producer of Confusion, Arthur Baker. Baker was also a well-known engineer of all those elecro beats. The sneaky party girls were real Funhouse clubbers named Mama Juice and Eva.”
Secret Disco: The Funhouse

Find the whole series here.


I’ve given up on the whole “favorites” thing, it seems lame now. Actually, blogs seem a bit lame now but I’m not stopping quite yet.

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