Favorite Song of the Day: Letter to Wendel

Mock & Toof with Pollyester – Farewell To Wendo

One more great summer song, so far the only other piece of music I’ve been cheerleading this season was Primary 1’s The Blues. Now, I found a new song to bombard my friends with. How can you not like a song the asks the listener to “murder me with orgasms”? Sure Letter to Wendel is a bit melancholy but it fits with the troublesome times of 2010. The languid vocals, the discordant harmonies and the eastern instrumentation are reminiscent of The Knife.

Pollyester (I mess up your post!!!wawawawawa! Looodydydlooddydloo!- message from chimatli’s house pest guest*) is a German performance artist and musician. Mock and Toof are British DJs known for their remixes of famous boring artists like Madonna. Despite this, the inspired collaboration between Pollyester and the Mock and Toof has resulted in a very excellent tune!

*Be careful when stepping away from your computer in the middle of a post. You never know what can magically appear on the screen.

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