Rainbow Brite 2

Rainbow Brite 2

A photo I took for my 10th grade photography class at Fairfax High School Arts Magnet. Perhaps it need not be said but I had many adventures with these girls, lots of intense experiences for our age.
At school we were sometimes called The Rainbow Brites after the popular kids cartoon. In the punk/hardcore scene we were called The Hollywood Girls, usually by the suburban, OC punk girls who hated us. Yeah, good times.

top row (l to r): Izzy, Alice, Nicole
bottom row (l to r): Silja, Lee, Callie, Lisa, Claudia

4 thoughts on “Rainbow Brite 2

  1. browne says:

    I am so jealous, I am right behind you in age and all of the fun stuff was over by the time I came along. I so wish I had been born five years earlier…damn, damn, damn.

    t sucked being in high school in the 90s. The 90s sucked and yet I am beginning to see retro 90s fashion. I use the terms 90s and fashion very loosely.


  2. Chimatli says:

    Thanks, Browne! It’s been a tough past couple of weeks but it seems that’s all behind me now. Hopefully, more time for posting soon!
    Yeah, I had some really good times with those girls. We were all different ethnicities and classes and we all got along really well. Okay, except for the one girl from Bev Hills who NEVER carried money with her and the girls from East LA were always having to pay for her food…geesh!

  3. Eric says:

    My wife also went to Fairfax arts magnet, She graduated in ’91. Don’t know how old you are(I’m not asking either) but if you were there around that time she probably knows who you are.
    P.S.I dig the entries about old music for I also have sophisticated taste thank to abuela and then papa.

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