Favorite Video of the Week: Gold Chains

Gold Chains – I Come From San Francisco

Ah, the Bay Area! When I first saw this video, I couldn’t help thinking, “This is so San Francisco, kinda lame but sorta cool.” You’ll know what I mean when you watch it.
Cheers to the Bay Area and the folks who live there, I sure never could! (okay, I tried in the East Bay but I lasted less than a year…)

4 thoughts on “Favorite Video of the Week: Gold Chains

  1. CWM says:

    Whoa! I just moved to Berkeley and I’m scared of these people. Scary scary scary. After seeing that video, there’s no way I’m leaving the house without a taser in one hand and mace in the other. No way. And if I see that dude on the street, I’ll probably run right up to him and tase the shit out of him. He’d be like: “Don’t tase me, Bro.” And there I’d be, standing in the Bruce Lee stance, going: “giggle giggle giggle giggle… Chimatli made me do it!”

  2. Chimatli says:

    I like the Latina girl’s expression at :57, cause that’s how I looked when I first watched this video!
    Eventually though, the music grew on me and they look like they’re having fun. Also, only in the Bay Area can the two “sexy” ladies gyrating, be super pale and wear sensible shoes. I say, sorta cool.
    Anyways CWM, “chimatli made me do it” is a phrase guaranteed to get you through a tough situation, use it often!

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