Margaret Barry

Margaret Barry-My Lagan Love

In honor of San Patricio Day, a beautiful rendition of My Lagan Love by Margaret Barry, a favorite interpreter of traditional Irish tunes. Her love of music and the spirit it contains probably was influenced by her Traveller background. In the UK, Travellers are also known as Gypsies and there is a historical and cultural connection to Gypsies in other parts of Europe.

A little on Margaret Barry:


Margaret Barry 1917-1989
By Ronan Nolan
THE raw, uncompromising voice of the street singer had to carry above the noisy chatter of the fair or football crowd. Ballad singer Margaret Barry rarely failed to gain attention with her gutsy voice, pronounced Cork accent and simple banjo accompaniment.
She was born in Peter Street, Cork, in 1917, into a family of travellers. Her grandfather, Bob Thompson, was an accomplished uilleann piper who had won the first Feis Ceoil in Dublin in 1897 and again in 1898 in Belfast. Both her parents and uncles were street musicians. She taught herself to play the five-string banjo and could also play the fiddle.

From the Rambling House website.

You can also hear one of my favorite Margaret Barry tunes here, from my previous post on the San Patricio Battalion.

Margaret Barry-The Turfman from Ardee

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