Favorite Video of the Week: When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up from Fever Ray on Vimeo.

Another fine video from Fever Ray, they’ve been doling them out to us in recent months. I was crazy about the first single from the album If I had a Heart, which was Video of the Week back in February and every month or so  a new one appears.

I was fortunate to see Fever Ray play live this past week and it was quite a memorable show. It was difficult to focus on the stage as there was a huge amount of fog, smoke and incense released during the performance and bright lasers emanating from the stage.  Karin Dreijer Andersson was dressed in some kind of costume that from my vantage point looked like a cross between the character Tina from the Eightball comic and a Scandinavian version of Sigmund the Sea Monster. I think it was deer pelts and maybe some horns.  There was much energy in the performance but of the subdued variety and the low deep bass that seem to accompany every song rattled me to my core. Quite honestly, I felt is if I could have easily slipped into a trance and perhaps that was the effect they were going for. All hail the Church of Fever Ray!

For a better review see here.

Also check out The Sound of Indie to hear a live version of When I Grow Up.

If you like the Fever Ray video’s, you might want to check out the film ‘Let the Right One In‘ a story of vampire children and sadists set in Sweden. Stark and beautiful. See the trailer below.

Let the Right One In

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