If I Had a Heart-Fever Ray

As you might have noticed, some aesthetic changes are underway on this blog. Changes not entirely by choice, it happened when I upgraded wordpress. I don’t think this look suits me but it will have to do for the time being. Welcome to Helevetica hell!

Since I am here I decided to share with you a song I’ve just heard today and instantly fell in love with. It’s from Fever Ray, a solo project of Karin Dreijer Andersson, one half member of The Knife. The album won’t be out until  March but you can hear some of the songs on the Fever Ray website.

The video is absolutely brilliant, as British friends like to say. It looks like my dreams.

If I Had a Heart (Familjen Remix)-Fever Ray

I prefer the remix version. I like beats.

2 thoughts on “Experimentation

  1. Chimatli says:

    Thanks for the feedback and the picture link. I like my old look better too but I forgot how I did it. I had to really mess around with the css file. You’d think I would know how to do this stuff by now but I don’t. Well, I’ll try and get it back soon with some upgrades. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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