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This is the music of my daily life. What I listen to when I have a choice and I’m not at the mercy of the car radio or the bad shuffling IPOD. These are songs that enchant me upon first listening and that I’ve only recently became acquainted with. Perhaps they’ll be forgotten in a few months or worn out after repeated plays but for now, this music is just right.

Parallel Lines by Junior Boys

A song that satisfies an itch I didn’t know I had. I have a weakness for wimpy boy singers. The group is from Canada and gained notoriety for remixing a Manitoba (Caribou) track.

Tonight’s Today by Jack Peñate

Some are referring to this sound as “Indie Tropicana.” Call it what you will, this is an excellent song! Jack Peñate is a London based performer and seems to be selling out all over England according to his myspace page. I don’t think he’s too well known over here. He just needs to wait for KCRW to start playing him. Who knows, maybe they already are? I don’t listen to that station. Nic Hartcourt killed it for me (killed it in the bad way) years ago. I know he’s gone now but it’s still hard to switch back.

London Scene by Twisted Charm

Safe to say, my new favorite indie pop band, previously mentioned here. Lyrics reminiscent of early punk, they are not afraid to criticize or protest accepted habits like TV viewing or scenster-ism.

Aqui Pra Vocês ft. Deize Tigrona by Buraka Som Sistema

My Brazilian friend excitedly instant messaged me the link to this song, it’s pretty darn awesome! What does it say? Something about going on tour and not speaking English and lewd references to sexual acts. Love the premise of the video: being smuggled into another country in a shipping container? No problem for Brazilians, they’d make a party of it!

Black Eyes (Le Castle Vania Remix) by Snowden

Do something else besides watch the video while this song is playing. How about dance? This is just one of those songs I can listen to over and over again. There’s not much to it, it just works. I’m not too fond of the original, it’s this mix that makes it special.

So Fine by Telepathe

Yeah, can you get any more hipster than this? I guess I have a thing for girls with wimpy voices too (Mahogany) but I like how the beat in this song breaks in midway. My favorite song by this Brooklyn based band (from where else could they be?) is Chrome’s On It. You can listen to it on their myspace page.

Serio by The Lost Valentinos

There’s something interesting about this song but I’m not sure quite what yet. Los Valentinos are an indie nouveau psych band (what did I used to call this genre?) from Sydney, Australia. I think some of the guys in the video are Latino. I wonder what Latino Australians are like? This video has ‘heaps’ of symbolism.

Glass by Bat For Lashes


Fantomes by Joakim

Joakim is a French DJ/musician and has numerous band names attached to the end of his like Joakim and his Ectoplasmic Band or Joakim and the Disco. In this clip he is walking among paper fantomes in Paris. That’s all we are, ghosts. Another great video here, could not decide between the two.

A Thing for Me by Metronomy
is still a favorite along with If I Had a Heart by Fever Ray.

Birds on trees

I picked this blog theme from a free WordPress sharing site. I had no idea that Twitter was using the bird on a branch graphic for it’s website too or perhaps they started it using it recently? According to the designer of this blog, the graphic comes from a freeshare site. Well, it’s all fine that we’re sharing but I don’t want to be associated with Twitter so you’ll be seeing some graphic changes around here soon. Perhaps my joke nickname of “aesthetic tyrant” is more appropriate than I care to admit?

Fixed it, tried to keep with the bird on the tree theme but not sure why? Maybe I’ll change it all again soon.