Favorite Song(s) of the Day: Early 2000s

Prefuse 73 – Wife (Pieces Of Detroit Mix)

My favorite songs of 2002. Damn, how I loved Prefuse 73, Dabrye and Four Tet, they were my turn-of-the-century go to music. I’m still crazy about these kind of beats. Take a hip-hop song, remove the rap and I’m in love.

Dabrye – The Lish

Four Tet-Untangle

Two Banks of Four-Street lullaby (Four Tet Remix)

2 thoughts on “Favorite Song(s) of the Day: Early 2000s

  1. human says:

    love the beats. and don’cha know hip hop ain’t gots to have rap?

    if you don’t know, check flying lotus and dj krush. some junglier stuff comes by way of amon tobin.

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