Happy Birthday!

Jessie Tellez circa 1940 (Tijuana)

Today my grandmother Jessie, born Maria de Jesus Tellez Vizcarra in Cananea, Sonora is 85 years old! A graduate of Belmont High School, first Mexican-American president of her PTA and American Legion and resident of her Rampart-Echo Park neighborhood for more than 70 years. She is the jewel of our family, beautiful, kind, thoughtful and mischievously flirty.
She managed to buy a house, take care her of her young baby and work at Bullock’s downtown while my grandfather was away during World War Two, amazing! Throughout the years, her home has been a refuge for our immediate family and those from faraway. Not judgmental about our lives and choices but supportive always. Her sense of humor has kept us all going through difficult times and she’s notorious for playing practical jokes. She’s even survived the venom of a scorpion and a black widow! How’s that for tough?
Happy Birthday Grandma!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Elyery says:

    I read the tribute entry for your grandmother and I’m sorry to hear that she has passed… I liked the story about her sprinkling water on the band from England…

    In this entry you mention she was born in Cananea, Sonora. That’s awesome. My grandmother was born in El Paso, Sinaloa but when she got married she moved to Cd. Obregon, Sonora. I love Sonora as it were my home. It’s cool to know that other great people were born there. ūüėÄ

  2. Chimatli says:

    Thanks Elyery for your comments. I’ve never been to Sonora, well once across the border for only a half hour. I would really love to see Cananea. Despite living most of her like in Los Angeles, my grandma was really proud to have been born in Mexico. Thanks again for stopping by the blog!

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