Favorite Video of the Week: Jerkin

Not too long ago the LA Weekly did a cover piece on the phenomenon of Jerkin, a locally created hip-hop influenced music and dance style. Jerkin has influenced young folks all over Los Angeles and is spreading across the country. It’s also started a skinny pants trend among young urban youth who are NOT Emo.

I’ve included two awesome clips of the number one Jerkin dance crew, The Go-Go Power Ranger$. Besides the incredible moves, I was struck by the way the dancers have incorporated their environment into their dance performances. It’s a really organic way of re-purposing the neighborhood around them into a mobile interactive theater. From their high school’s front steps, to the basketball court asphalt and to street intersections, these everyday places become their stage and influence their choreography. Note the faux car driving moves and the way they claim a street for dancing, at times not allowing traffic to pass. It’s a fascinating way of pushing the boundaries of city space and engaging with the geography of their neighborhood. Social space for communal dance!

2 thoughts on “Favorite Video of the Week: Jerkin

  1. Adam says:

    I like that they are doing it in the middle of the street and the move with the shoe as phone, which I guess was spontaneous, was a good one. The song isn’t bad either.

  2. Chimatli says:

    I’m not liking most of the popular Jerkin popular songs some of the super heavy beat tracks like the one in the first video is pretty awesome.
    Forgot to mention, I find the sagging, skinny jeans humorous especially when they have to hold or adjust them constantly.

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