Three Melancholy Songs of the 90s

Ah, the 90s! Everyday you move farther and farther away. But with these three songs I can remember you and the sad days you left me with.

Sweet Jane-Cowboy Junkies

I actually prefer this version to The Velvet Underground. I know that’s sacrilegious.

Fade Into You-Mazzy Starr

The singer Hope Sandoval is an Eastside girl. Maybe because of this, I’ve had these recurring one-step connections to her, random stuff like back in the 90s, the guy who once told me “Didn’t I see you at Hope Sandoval’s party last week?” I guess all of us indie Latinas had a similar look?

Dreamtime-The Heart Throbs

“We’re so tired, so tired of everything…”

3 thoughts on “Three Melancholy Songs of the 90s

  1. thesecretlivesofcats says:

    I liked the use of Mazzy Star’s music in the Edward Norton movie Down in the Valley. Maybe an overlooked film. I wonder who’s seen it and liked it.

    The 10’s may bring more sad times. Looks like we’re in for a lull and more widespread disillusionment. We’re never young again, so we’ll experience it with less angst. So that’s a plus!

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