Just Married

Jessie and Atanasio Garcia, somewhere in Los Angeles, circa 1942

I’ve encountered a few mysteries among the many family photos my maternal grandmother has given me to keep. For instance, I’m curious about these souvenir Los Angeles snapshots. What area is this? My grandmother refuses to answer because she hates this photo and the last time I showed it to her, she insisted I tear it up. That’s her in the photo with our family patriarch, my grandfather Atanasio. They had recently married.
If anyone can identify the area, I would be most appreciative.

6 thoughts on “Just Married

  1. Chimatli says:

    My grandmother is quite young in this photo, 19 and from what she admitted to me, she wasn’t happy about being married. My grandfather was 16 years her elder. I think the photo brought back some unpleasant memories. Despite the age difference, they did stay together until his death in the late 70s and she says he visits her while she sleeps, she can tell because he pulls her feet!
    I hadn’t thought of Chavez Ravine (I thought maybe El Sereno) but this location would make sense as it is very near their home in the Echo Park area. Thanks to you all for the responses.

  2. DarrellKuni says:

    sorry to add so long after, but could be the Ravine, as one post indicates, and since they lived in EP it makes sense. But it does look like parts of NE LA too; stay with EP.

    it’s a great family picture, even if she looks a tad uncomfy with Mr. Hands.

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