The Chongalicious Video

During my internet search for examples of chola bracelets, I came across this humorous video for Chongalicious. Chongas, I found out are Miami Cuban versions of our homegirls/chachas/cholas. The song was written during a bored night at home by the two girls in the video and was intended to be a parody of Chongas, instead it became a huge hit on Miami radio and the defacto Chonga anthem. This article in the Miami Herald traces some of the Chonga style back to Chicanas in East Los. There does seem to be some sort of style universality to urban U.S. Latinas: tight clothes, dark lipliner, groomed eyebrows etc. Any theories why this is so?

To continue on this thread of “ch” subjects, I’ll soon be posting on “Chalga.” Betcha can’t wait!

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