Coincidence, part two

Barcelona, 2001.

Just moments before this photo was taken, my friend and I remarked that there was so much graffiti on the walls of Barcelona that we might even spot a Chaka tag. Coincidently, a few blocks later and causing a great deal of astonishment, such a tag appeared.

“Coincidence on the other hand, is total freedom, our natural destiny. Coincidence obeys no laws and if it does we don’t know what they are. Coincidence, if you permit me the simile, is like the manifestation of God at every moment on our planet. A senseless God making senseless gestures at his senseless creatures. In that hurricane, in that osseous implosion, we find communion. The communion of coincidence and effect and the communion of effect with us.”

2666 by Roberto Bolaño

One thought on “Coincidence, part two

  1. LA Dona Junta says:

    I asked my friend who is from his crew if Chaka went to Spain he said not that he knew of, but there was some copy cats along the years, regardless if there was fakes he is always going to be chaka and nobody can really take over that name, they are just promoting it in that case for him lol. That is cool tho his name was up over there.

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