Found in Lincoln Heights: Prison Love Letters


A series of objects, photographs, letters and other items found on the streets of Lincoln Heights.

Sunday in the park, bittersweet afternoon of the weekend about to end.

This photo and letter were found in an alley near my house. There are many more but I decided to start with this particularly touching letter.



Please click the letters to read in a larger view.

3 thoughts on “Found in Lincoln Heights: Prison Love Letters

  1. EL CHAVO! says:

    “I can see the outside, and where it leads. A path to the street, a street that leads everywhere, but yet nowhere.”

    That’s a sadly moving letter. Considering it’s over 20 years old, I wonder if we could find out what eventually happened? Maybe the letter writer will stumble upon this post.

  2. LA Dona Junta says:

    Okay first of all I love the fact that it was written February 23, 1987 why you ask? Because right now I am studying/obsessed with those days . Now my first question to you is where did you find this letter? I see you wrote you found it in an alley near your house, now was it dumped with other stuff? Did it come in an envelope? It must if recently been tossed because a letter would not have survived to long with out being destroyed.
    Maybe the person still lives in the area? The letter is very sad and touching, was there an address? You never know what could have happened to the person she wrote it to, he could still be in prison till this day it is possible, I know many people that been doing life for over 20 years . Or he could be moved on and have a wonderful life. I love shit like this because there is so many things that could have happened. Sorry Chimatli haha I went off hehe =)
    Please add the rest of the letters it might solve the mystery lol, it was the same author at least.

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