Favorite Song of the Day: Roni Size

New Forms-Roni Size feat. Bahamadia

I heard this song on the radio the other day and it blew me away much in the same way it had when I first heard it way back in 1997. Yes, like a lot of other folks at the time (late 90s), I was crazy about jungle and drum n bass. Roni Size was one of the best of the DJ/producer bunch and the fact that this song still sounds somewhat fresh is a testimony to his talent. It’s a shame that drum n bass came to be associated with car commercials and other despicable things. Still waiting for the jungle revival. For more on the origins of this beat, check the post on “Amen Break.”

3 thoughts on “Favorite Song of the Day: Roni Size

  1. alienation says:

    It was at this small bar on Main St. in Santa Monica. They had a lot of not-yet-famous jungle DJs. The room was dark – no spinning lights. MC ? would rap from the floor. You’d get a nice cross section of LA – students, dreadlock hippies, gay hip hoppers, cholos or wannabes, reggae fans, typical jungle/dnb room dorks, etc. Mostly guys though, and mostly they were doing that dance where you look like you’re bouncing back and forth without touching the ground, or the other dance where you look like you’re boxing.

    Later, they moved to another bar, which wasn’t as good – but they had the smoke machines on at 100%, which was really weird because you couldn’t see anyone. They were also at a bar in west hollywood and the dance floor was so dark you could only see the “exit” sign.

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