Junip – Line Of Fire (Official Video)

Junip – Your Life Your Call (Official Video)

Since it seems people are still reading this blog (thank you very much), I’m going to commence with the music again. It’s mostly for me to keep track of the music I’m listening to. I tend to forget song names. Hopefully you’ll hear something you like that’s new to your ears.

These two melancholy songs by Junip are a good place to start. The videos are a two-part uncomfortable narrative detailing a life haunting experience between two siblings. The rest is up to you to watch and ponder.

More on the Swedish band Junip here. An excerpt:

The songs are very much the work of the three musicians, all emerging from jamming sessions – although Araya has left the band since we meet. Between them, they aim to keep the melancholic streak at bay. “I found myself asking Tobias to change his chords so they’re not so moody,” says González, with a smile. “Ever since I released my first album, I’ve tried not to use minor chords as the main element in songs. The way I sing is too melancholic. So whenever you find a minor-ish chord that’s pointing towards the sun instead of the ground, that to me is the perfect aim. If it’s too major-ish, it won’t get to you.” Winterkorn adds: “It’s nice to make people feel something.”

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