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Jenny Wilson – Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward

I’ve been hearing the Nu Shooz song “I Can’t Wait” all over the place. Strange because it was only really popular among aficionados of freestyle. But lately, it seems to be having a small resurgence on the retro-pop stations. (Nu Shooz is from Portland, I think that’s strange for some reason.) I’ve always preferred their tune “Point of No Return” especially because the video is so fantastic. So of course when I saw the video for Jenny Wilson’s “Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward,” I immediately thought of “Point of No Return” and a blog post was born.
I’ve never promised quality.

Nu Shooz – Point of No Return

2 thoughts on “Animated Shoes

  1. RobThomas says:

    Hi Chimatli. Good to see you’re still blogging. I saw one of those VH1 where are they know episodes years back and NuShooz said they’re trying to distance themselves from the R&B sound they had in the 80s. If I remember correctly they redid I Can’t Wait, made it more modern, soft pop sounding. Thought that was really lame of them.

  2. Chimatli says:

    Glad to see you’re still reading. ūüėČ I figured I was all alone out here in the big world of the blogging. Yeah, that’s pretty lame of Nu Shooz especially considering their songs have made a slight comeback. Thanks for the comment and thanks again for checking in! ūüôā

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