Favorite Video of the Week: ÅŸemame hip hop

Bazid şemame hip hop (müthiş video)

Last year I did a long post on Kurdish Halay, it was one of my favorite posts to work on. I included a few clips of Semame, a fusion of traditional Kurdish music with hip hop style dancing and beats. There’s a large Kurdish population in Germany and just like with Chicanos, bi-cultural influences trickle down into everyday popular culture – for instance, this awesome Kurdish beatboxing. It’s these two girls though, that I find most impressive. They have a style, a rhythm that is so natural and makes one think that hip hop and halay have always existed together. Notice too, the little sister that tries to run up and join the dancing! Not sure of the location of this clip, Turkey perhaps?

Here’s the girls again, dancing to traditional music in semame style:

One thought on “Favorite Video of the Week: ÅŸemame hip hop

  1. ritzyp says:

    thanks for this post
    the dancing is awesome but i love love love the kurisch beat boxing!!!
    sounds gorgeous and hard at the same time.
    i reached out to see how to get in touch with them.

    thanks ani

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