Future retro electro


Back from vacation and I’ve been making up for lost time by delving into my usual Youtube video surfing. Tonight, after hearing Everlasting Bass on KDAY, I fell into an electro derive mostly focusing on electro hip hop groups from Los Angeles. It was a gorgeous day today and perhaps I was feeling a bit of city pride. And then I came across this song Burn by Dupont. It was created for an obscure breakdance documentary called Breakin and Enterin (1983) and never released.

What an odd song! It’s much faster and more new-wavish than the traditional breakdance fare of the 80s. The beats are really ahead of the their time and the weak vocals give the song an almost future retro feel. It’s as if Ariel Pink were transported back to the 80s to create something funky. It gets all dark with those odd chords during the chorus and then lightens up with detached double beats. It’s bizarre and almost bad, but somehow has this charm that pulls you back for repeated listenings. I don’t know, I really don’t know what to make of this song.

Clip from Breakin and Enterin

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