New Music: Sir John & Polyhurt

White Elephant – Sir John (Mark E Remix)

Spring is unofficially over in Los Angeles. The hills around Northeast Los Angeles where I live have turned brown, the weeds have gone to seed and the gray clouds that hover over the city for most of the morning have returned. In local parlance this weather effect is called “Gray May” which extends into “June Gloom.” Only in a part of the world where we have the most gorgeous winters could we have such a depressing lead up into summer, the season most other places look forward to. So what this melancholy in mind, I present these two songs, which reflect the morose steady pace of life I’m living these days.

The original version of this song is considered to be NuSoul or NuNorthern Soul and it’s a bit too “The Wave” for me despite the intoxicating guitar sample at the beginning. Mark E hardens it up with a fast house beat and makes it so you probably won’t hear it on the local “jazzy” radio station.

Com Truise – Polyhurt

“Bottom heavy style, slo-mo funk” yeah, that about explains this music. But it’s the sad, melancholy, the future shoulda been great but it isn’t kinda mood (is that called dystopia?) that I really like about this song. And the organ fiddling is pretty nice too. Check out Com Truise’s webpage for more.

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