Carcrash International

Carcrash International – The Whip (1992 remixed version)

Me (to a DJ who was in the middle of a Joy Division-y set): Who is this your playing?
J: Hard Crash International*
Me (mentally scratching my head…): Hard Crash International?
DJ: Yup!

Why hadn’t I ever heard of this band? I looked them up on Youtube right on the spot and I couldn’t find a thing. I get home and then it dawns on me, Carcrash International! I’ve had this record in my house for like 15 years. This is what I get for not ever giving it a proper listen, I’d totally missed out on this song. Time to revisit the record collection.

original version, 1983

I was born with a cannibal instinct
And bound up in the house of fear
For sweet kisses love and affection
I had to eat myself alive

*He probably said Carcrash International and I couldn’t hear him over the music.

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