B-boy Bugs and Def Daffy


Sometimes you hang on to objects and you’re not sure why. I bought this back in the late 80s thinking it was funny to see cartoon characters as B-Boys. Now something like this wouldn’t even draw a second glance. Spongebob as an emo? Hardly worth a second thought and to be expected. The lines between popular culture and underground culture barely exist, if they exist at all. The process of recuperation has been so thorough there is nothing left for pop culture to devour. Perhaps it appropriate this image is on a trash can. I still think it’s kinda cute.

3 thoughts on “B-boy Bugs and Def Daffy

  1. cindylu says:

    This makes me think of all the Bart t-shirts that were ever so popular when the Simpsons was in its first few seasons.

    Btw, I love the new look. It’s s calming.

  2. Chimatli says:

    I do use it in my house! It had been sitting in my mom’s garage for like 20 years and I just got it back. ūüôā

    I wonder if anyone kept all those Bart shirts? I saved all my Chupacabras shirts that were super popular at the swapmeets in the 90s.
    I appreciate the feedback on the new look. I’m not sure if I’ll keep it. It’s oriented towards the left a bit much and I’ve been unable to modify it.

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